Professional solutions for clearing of payments

  • Easy clearing of goods and content in the Internet.
  • Administration of time-based access or subscription systems.
  • Ready payment modules for many shop-systems (z.B. OSCommerce, XTCommerce, Zen Cart)

If needed, we offer you high-quality and fast ways to minimize risks and losses

  • Review of national and international address data, optionally including data of changes of residence
  • Review of account data
  • Area risk index (area ranking)
  • Geo-IP inquiry and other mechanisms for fraud prevention in international business
  • Online-check against the inhibit file of the banking sektor
  • Administration of internal or integration of external blacklists
  • ...

If it comes, despite all measures, to a lack of payment, ECS-Solution GmbH as a registered collection office will support you to collect belated claims up to the judicial debt recovery procedure.

We strive towards the highest possible transparency towards our customers (maybe you) and the end customer (payer or debtor). This helps to build up a positive and trustworthy relationship even to the debtor in order to settle the claims fast and satisfactorily for both parties. Our customers can inspect the status of their payment/claim any time. If reversals occur, they will be instantly informed by an e-mail (optionally, other signaling ways can be implemented). Reversals will be listed separately so you can follow at all times, which payment was cancelled due to what reason. In case of payment collection you will be informed in timely manner about status changes (be it about a new dunning level, deferred payment or acquittance of the claim).